Creative Xfi Titanium SB0880,Dòng cao cấp số 1 Xfi

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Model : SB0880
Hãng SX : Creative
Dòng sản phẩm : 

Creative Sound Blaster XFi Titanium Sound

Kênh ra : 7.1
Tần số : 8Khz - 192Khz
Giao tiếp : PCI 1X
Analog out : Headphone, 2.1/ 4.1/ 5.1/ 7.1 , optical Out / In
Analog in : Mic in, Line in
Driver hỗ trợ : Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Bảo hành : 1 tháng ,bảo hành 1 năm +100k
Sound card thuộc dòng giải trí, có THX, tính năng đặc biệt encode DTS và Dolby Digital dành cho tín đồ HD. Khả năng xem phim và game rất đáng nể, bass mạnh mẽ. -Thể loại nhạc phù hợp: Rock, Metal, Alternative, Rap, R&B... -Có cổng optical, line in, mic in. Tính năng What U Hear (StereoMix). Hỗ trợ max 7.1 -Có ba chế độ có thể lựa chọn trong Console Launcher: Entertainment Mode (Giải trí - Cho nhạc và phim), Gaming Mode (Game) và Audio Creation Mode (Thu âm).   20151028_180233_zpsxg8hbcs620151028_180417_zpss5v4cjti9716175_ra sb0880-pcie-1x-sound-card

Product Description

PC Gamers and audio enthusiasts looking for faster performance and more realistic gaming sound as well as the richest, most dynamic audio experience for music and movies.

From the Manufacturer

The Creative PCI Express Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium sound card delivers exceptional audio performance to your PC. With realistic environmental effects and 3-D positional audio, you’ll be able to locate opponents by sound whether you’re using surround speakers or stereo headphones. In addition, the X-Fi Titanium uses a powerful audio-processing engine that will outperform other motherboard audio options.

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PCI Express Sound Blaster
X-Fi Titanium Sound Card
At a Glance: 

  • Powerful audio processing for better game performance
  • X-Fi CMSS-3D creates nine virtual speakers when using stereo headphones
  • X-Fi Crystalizer restores lost detail in compressed music and audio
  • Realistic gaming effects with EAX 5.0
  • Dolby Digital Live and DTS Connect (Windows Vista only) Encoder
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With a powerful audio processing engine, you’ll have a boost of up to 15 percent in real-game performance. View larger.

Powerful Audio Processing Boosts Game Performance
The PCI Express Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium employs a powerful audio-processing engine. Unlike other motherboard audio solutions that task the computer processor, the X-Fi Titanium performs the heavy lifting and leaves your processor free to work on other tasks. This boosts real-game performance by up to 15 percent, while still delivering all audio effects with outstanding 24-bit sound quality.

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Sound CardRealistic Gaming Effects with EAX 5.0 Technology
With support for EAX ADVANCED HD technology, the X-Fi Titanium delivers rich environmental effects for a more immersive gaming experience. You’ll hear bullets whizzing by your head, feel earth-shattering explosions, and experience other sound effects that bring you closer to the game.

Positional 3-D Audio
With X-Fi CMSS-3D technology, the X-Fi Titanium delivers outstanding surround sound whether you’re using headphones or speakers. When used with a regular pair of stereo headphones, X-Fi CMSS-3D creates nine virtual speakers for exceptional surround effects, letting you feel like you’re sitting in the best seat of a movie theater. You’ll get an advantage in games, too, with the ability to locate enemies by sound before they see you.

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Sound CardAnd with multichannel speakers, you’ll be able to hear exactly where the audio cues are–even between speakers. Voices will be right in front of you and ambient sound will surround you, just like a live performance. CMSS-3D works with both desktop stereo speakers and full surround speaker systems.

X-Fi Crystalizer Restores Lost Details
Recover lost detail with X-Fi Crystalizer technology. This technology restores the audio detail that is lost in compressed audio files so you’ll regain vibrancy and clarity in your music and movies. Highs and lows that were lost are enhanced, so whether you’re listening to cymbal crashes or wailing guitars, you’ll hear the music as it was meant to be heard.

High-Quality Voice Chat
With high-quality inputs and hardware audio processing, the X-Fi Titanium ensures great vocal quality in your voice chats, so your teammates will hear you loud and clear. Plug in your headset or microphone, and you’ll hear the difference instantly.

Intense Cinematic Sound for Movies
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Sound CardThe X-Fi Titanium delivers THX-certified surround sound for a cinematic experience right at your computer. Cyberlink PowerDVD software is included (via free download) and supports DTS and Dolby Digital-EX decoding for an unmatched DVD movie-watching experience.

The X-Fi Titanium also supports Dolby Digital Live and DTS Connect encoding (Windows Vista only), so you can connect directly to your home-theater system through a single digital cable for fantastic 5.1 surround sound.

Advanced Features for Audio and Music Creation
For those in the audio- and music-creation business, the X-Fi Titanium offers advanced features for outstanding results. A dedicated mode supports near transparent conversion between any resolutions, digital-matched recording, low-latency ASIO support, and more.

System Requirements
Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, or XP; Intel Pentium 4 1.6 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 2000+ processor or equivalent; available PCI Express (x1, x4, x8, or x16) slot; 256MB RAM (512 MB RAM for Vista); 600MB of free hard-disk space; CD or DVD-ROM for software installation; headphones or amplified speakers; Internet connection to download PowerDVD player software.

What’s in the Box
PCI Express Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium sound card, Quick Start leaflet, and installation CD.

20151028_180233_zpsxg8hbcs620151028_180417_zpss5v4cjti9716175_ra sb0880-pcie-1x-sound-card

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