HP Z620 WORKSTATION E5-2650 X 2 32GB SSD 240GB + QUADRO K4000

21.000.000 VNĐ -Bao giá khắp Việt Nam
Máy 2nd từ USA về hình thức bên trong like new,nguyên zin về ,còn nguyên chìa khóa HP  ,linh kiện sáng đẹp từng centimet ,Bao check seri ko phải USA tặng luôn cái máy  . Ngoài hình trầy nhẹ do vận chuyển về
  • Hàng 2nd từ USA về 
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  1. HP Z620 Workstation Intel Xeon E5-2650 2.90GHz - 20MB - Sk 2011, Ram 32GB ECC, SSD 240Gb + HDD 500 ,VGA NVIDIA Fermi K4000
  2. Hãng sản xuất: HP
  3. Dòng: Intel Socket 2011
  4. Số lượng CPU: 2
  5. Loại CPU: 2 con Intel - Intel Xeon E5-2650
  6. Tốc độ CPU (Ghz): 2.90GHz - 20MB - 6.4GT/s
  7. Dung lượng Ram: 32GB ECC
  8. HDD: 240Gb SSD + 500G HDD
  9. VGA rời: Quadro Fermi K4000 3GHz - 192Bit
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HP Z620 workstation performance

The performance you demand.

Get massive system performance with a small footprint. The HP Z620 features the next evolution in processor technology and system architecture, setting the standard for versatility with support for a single Intel® E5-1600 v2 Series Xeon® processor or dual Intel®E5-2600 v2 Series Xeon® processors. Now with up to 24 cores, the HP Z620 powerhouse supports a full range of processors to help you get more done every minute. And thanks to optional Thunderbolt™ technology, you’ll transfer data at lightning-fast speeds with the ability to connect to high-resolution displays and high-performance data devices over a single Thunderbolt™ cable.

Brings your ideas to life faster.

The HP Z620 is designed to support next-generation PCI express Gen3 graphics technology that doubles the bandwidth in and out of the card. The HP Z620 offers a huge variety of professional graphics from NVIDIA® and AMD—from Pro 2D to Extreme 3D. With an 800W 90% efficient power supply and support for up to eight displays, the HP Z620 gives you the freedom of doing and seeing more.


HP Z620 workstation graphics

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