Dell Optiplex XE2 SFF cao cấp USA về

3.200.000 VNĐ
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Cấu hình 1 : 3.200.000đ 
♦ Bo mạch : Dell XE2 Q87
♦ Bộ xử lý : Intel Core i3-4130/4150 3.4Ghz, 3MB, 5GT/s ,Fan dell lỗi đồng cao cấp
♦ Bộ nhớ : 4GB (Update 8G +400k)
♦ Đĩa cứng : 250GB Sata 7200 vòng/phút ( Nâng cấp SSD 240GB + 900K )
♦ Đồ họa : intel HD Graphics
  Cấu hình 2 : 3.500.000đ
♦ Bo mạch : Dell XE2 Q87
♦ Bộ xử lý : Intel Core i5-4570T/4570s 3.4Ghz, 3MB, 5GT/s,Fan dell lỗi đồng cao cấp
♦ Bộ nhớ : 4GB(Update 8G +400k)
♦ Đĩa cứng : 250GB Sata 7200 vòng/phút ( Nâng cấp SSD 240GB + 900K )
♦ Đồ họa : intel HD Graphics
  Cấu hình 3 : 5.500.000đ 
♦ Bo mạch : Dell Q87
♦ Bộ xử lý : Intel Core i7-4770/4770s 3.4Ghz, 3MB, 5GT/s,Fan dell lỗi đồng cao cấp
♦ Bộ nhớ : 4GB (Update 8G +400k)
♦ Đĩa cứng : 500GB Sata 7200 vòng/phút ( Nâng cấp SSD 240GB + 900K )
♦ Đồ họa : intel HD Graphics

Extended lifecycle

With an ultralong purchase lifecycle, the OptiPlex XE2 significantly eases management and planning.

Help reduce the cost and complexity of system recertification with a three-and-a-half-year purchase lifecycle, which includes the locking of key hardware and software components.
Easily maintain a consistent work environment while planning for future deployments with help from a six-month managed-transition period.

Optiplex XE2 - Versatile, durable design

Versatile, durable design

From the retail counter to the factory floor, the XE2 easily integrates into your unique workspace and can handle the most demanding physical conditions.

  • Confidently run your desktop in hot and space-constrained areas — even inside cabinets. A robust chassis design and a durable fan enable a high temperature tolerance, up to 45°C ambient.
  • Deploy with flexibility through multiple chassis options. Select the small form factor (SFF) chassis, optimized for constrained workspaces or the expandable mini tower (MT) with support for legacy PCI cards.
  • Specifically designed for original equipment manufacturers, an OEM Ready version of the OptiPlex XE2 is available.
Optiplex XE2 -Ready to perform

Ready to perform

Breeze through your everyday tasks with a high-performance desktop featuring powerful Intel® Core™ processors.

  • Boost productivity with up to a 4th-generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors.
  • Available with Windows 10 Pro.
  • Up to 32GB of memory* and integrated graphics.
  • Store up to 2TB* with hard disk drive (HDD), solid-state drive (SSD) and high-performance solid-state hybrid drive (SSHD) options.
  • Support up to three monitors at once for serious multitasking.
  • Connect new and legacy peripherals with native support for PS/2, Serial (RS-232), VGA and up to 10 USB connections, including optional powered USB.

Exceptional, management and security

Easily control your desktop fleet with comprehensive management and security features.

  • Remotely manage your desktops with next-generation Intel® vPro™ technology and Dell’s custom Intel vPro extensions for one-to-many, out-of-band BIOS management.
  • Reduce costs to set up, monitor and update systems with Dell’s automated tools and utilities for client systems management.
  • Tighten security with an integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and optional self-encrypting drives (SEDs), smart card keyboard and security lock.
Optiplex XE2 - Integrated solutions

Integrated solutions

Enhance the security and management of your OptiPlex systems with robust solutions.

  • Help secure data and control user access with flexible, easily managed Dell Data Protection solutions.
  • Centralize and automate management to help reduce administration costs with Dell Systems Management and Dell KACE.
  • Enhance service delivery to your desktops and boost productivity with Dell Cloud Desktop and Dell Cloud Client Computing solutions.
  • Easily manage and secure OS, application, and user data from a central location for delivery of on-demand virtual desktops to stateless and diskless Dell OptiPlex Cloud Desktops, powered by Dell Wyse WSM.



Your system comes with Dell’s Limited Hardware Warranty*. If your system encounters an issue that is covered by the warranty that cannot be resolved remotely, Dell will provide a convenient way for your system to be repaired.

When you customize your system you will find these other support options, with ProSupport Plus offering the most complete support service:

ProSupport Plus, Dell’s most complete* support service for PCs and tablets*, is the only support service that can prevent issues before they occur. Dell’s SupportAssist will detect when a hard drive or battery is about to fail, automatically create a case for resolution and notify the customer that the new hardware is on its way. This end to end support service also includes 24×7 priority access to ProSupport engineers who provide help for hardware and software challenges, repair for devices that are accidentally damaged and the ability to keep a hard drive after replacement allowing you to ensure your data is stays secure.*When necessary, Dell will provide onsite* support to ensure repairs are done quickly and conveniently. ProSupport Plus provides all the support essentials that will reduce downtime automatically.

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